MSR145 & MSR165 dataloggers:
Higher performance sensors plus connections for thermocouples

New: High accuracy 0 - 65 000 lx ambient light sensor

Both the MSR145 and MSR165 dataloggers are immediately available fitted with a high-performance light sensor. Instead of the 300 lx sensitivity available to-date, the new sensor has a considerably wider measurement range of 0-65000lx at a resolution of 4 lx. The sensor can either be fitted inside the case or attached externally on a cable.

Measurement range: 0 - 65 000 lx, -15 °C to +65 °C
Accuracy: 100 - 65 000 lx, max. ±5% linearity error, max. sensitivity achieved at 500 nm
Measurement/storage rate: 1/s up to once every 12 hrs
Resolution: 4 lx
Temperature coefficient: 0...50 °C, <0,2%/K

Connection for K-type thermocouple

If required the MSR145 can be fitted with a connection for either 1 or 4 thermocouples (K-type) for a measurement range of 0°C to 1024°C. They are available with cable lengths of 0.15m, 0.40m, 1.00m and 1.60m.

3-axis accelerometer with a measurement range of ±15g

Order an MSR145 with integrated 3-axis accelerometer and you will benefit from a further improvement in performance. The measurement range has been expanded from the previous ±10g / ±2g (switchable) to ±15g as standard.

MSR145 with 4 analogue inputs now includes a 3-axis accelerometer

Users who wish to connect third-party sensors to their datalogger MSR145 and who order a unit with 4 analogue inputs will now receive the 3-axis accelerometer, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. To-date the 3-axis accelerometer was only available on the variant with 2 analogue inputs.

The MSR mini dataloggers have become much more versatile thanks to these expanded functions and are now able to fulfil a combination of measuring tasks previously unavailable in this segment of the market.

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MSR145 data logger with connection for K-type thermocouples